A Killing Hit: Acura Reveals the Great Precision Concept at Detroit Motor Show

Fri, 01/15/2016 - 11:23

Acura makes a bold statement with the flagman of its lineup, the Precision Concept, at 2016 NAIAS. An all-new luxury sedan bears aggressive as well as sharp lines, deep grooves and rather a distinctive (as for this car maker) design made by a Californian brand studio. Shown on Tuesday, this sedan seems to look like a good chance of winning the public applauds.

The Precision Concept makes its debut here; with its striking interior and a bold, aggressive exterior design, the sedan reflects all the nearest trends in Acura “just-at-the-corner around” production models. It has got the dimensions of 204-inch longitudinally, 84-inch in width and 52-inch at high correspondingly, with “long & low” motto – it comes to a hyper-low and narrow profile and a low-riding wide stance. Acura debuts with its latest-developed Diamond Pentagon front grille in this flagship.

The main feature of the interior seems to be a HMI system; it means a “human-machine interface” concept with a curved display and a touchpad is aimed to offer much customized entertainment for each occupant. Other features involve a compact race-looking sports steering wheel, floating rear seats, a wide multimedia console; precise sculpting detailing and eloquent surfacing make the key design accents, along with the shortcoming of a B-pillar there.


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