Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Going Electric in the Future

Mon, 11/06/2017 - 16:56

The Italian automaker showcased a new strike for the automotive future, the outrageous purely electric supercar. Dubbed the Terzo Millenio, the brutal design concept absolutely wowes the idea of how should the proper futuristic all-electric supercar look like in so-called ‘third millenium’, the future full of smart fantastic vehicles.

Designed in a close collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the performance EV car is all about the craziest tech ideas and materials including the mainstream energy storage technology. Instead of familiar batteries, the insane concept will use supercapacitors which can re-charge quickly and provide more power. Along with the supercapacitors, the engineering department works on the carbon fiber nanotube structure with self-healing components – it means the Terzo Millenio will utilize a sort of technology that allows carbon composite parts to store energy and repair some crackles or damages via micro-channels structure. The awesome-looking all-wheel-drive concept rolls on four wheel-mounted electric motors and rides on a revolutionary new platform to improve airflow. It’s even sad to believe that this very futuristic concept is just a talented way to present the soon-to-be technologies the Italian giant is extensively developing.

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