Lamborghini Trumpventador , Star-Spangled and Trump-Faced

Tue, 05/10/2016 - 13:39

Political bumper stickers to support your favorite candidate are geared yesterday, seeming to be a thing of past. A rather fresh and creative way to encourage others to share your political views is… your car extravagant wrapping! A bespoke unique 691-hp Lamborghini Aventador proves it best getting even the Trumpventador self-explanatory name. Need we explain why?

A candidate-themed flamboyant wrapping has been designed by Superior Automotive Design, the Florida custom car shop, and these dudes have done this job definitely flawlessly. The car keeps the patriotic theme in the colors of American flag all over the wrap featuring Donald Trump’s well-known slogans including “Make America Great Again!” or “Trump Train”, along with an image of Trump on the hood.

The over-the-top wrapping is reported to be APA printed. Without a doubt, such a bizarre supercar dressing will surely be a prime focus stealing all the far-famed 2016 Gold Rush Show to get underway on May 13th in Boston. The Trumpventador is instantly going viral on the Internet, so you can follow it using #trumpventador hashtag.

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