Liberty Walk Rendered Ferrari 360 Modena

Thu, 05/19/2016 - 15:49

The news comes from Japanese aftermarket tuner Liberty Walk. These dudes recently released rendering of Ferrari. Exceptionally weird tuned body kits for the Ferrari (it comes to F430 and 360) models have been revealed online going viral. The 350 Modena was singled out of the plenty of candidates, though, around eleven years have been passed since the last Modena launch. Liberty Walk, in such a way, did best when creating a sort of outfit to draw the enthusiasts’ attention.

The fact is the rendered Modena can hardly rival with modern supercars as the power unit is expectably remained unchanged. The tuned Ferrari is still equipped with a 3.6-litre V8 engine delivering 400 hp (for the Modena that means 0-62 time in 4.3 seconds). So, what from the outside? Getting the royal treatment, the 360 model looks pretty impressive in this styling package. Liberty Walk tuners used the fiber kit up front including a rear diffuser, a huge rear wing, aggressive vents and side skirts to resemble a performance race car.

The company revealed also the prices for the body kits; you can check it out in the catalog. The base fiberglass kit will cost you around $18,000; the top-notch carbon kit is upward $26,500. So if you own an old gloom Modena you should turn your head at this rendering, and you may have the next best thing.

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