Lighter and Stronger: Lotus Evora Sport 410 Going to Geneva

Fri, 02/26/2016 - 19:45

A year ago the British carmaker, known for its deluxe sports, debuted with the 400hp Evora 400 at Geneva. 2015 has passed, and Lotus boggles the minds again. The Hethel-based company has freshly announced a limited Evora Sports 410 Coupe Edition delivering 410hp ahead of the forthcoming Geneva. Like the enough already superb predecessor, the 410 Sport in a special American version will enter the U.S. sales market in 2016.

Work that’s auspiciously been completed by the British design team, principally refers to a revamped exterior and enhanced performance. They ultimately dropped the full weight – a new high-flyer is 154-pounds shorter in weight. Due to this, power thus increased up to 410hp. As for the performance, the 410 Coupe maintains the same top speed of 186mhp; however, the engineering team managed to obtain a prompter 0-60 time so the on-coming Evora Sport would sprint this time in 3.9 seconds. Compared to the predecessor taking 4.1 seconds, the black-striped yellow gimmick appears to be faster. The carmaker announced only 150 hotshots to be made.

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