Lucid Motors Aired its 400-miles Range Luxury Sedan

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Codenamed the Air, the luxury electric sedan was finally revealed by Lucid Motors. As you may remember, a  camo version of this EV was shown at the LA Auto Show; and these days, the executive nailed long-shrouded sedan was presented in Fremont, Ca. The regular Air production is expected to start in 2018, at Lucid Motors factory in Arizona.

American car maker offers 986-bhp luxury saloon, the 0-60mph acceleration time in 2.5 seconds and an announced 400-miles range per single charge from the 100kWh battery onboard. The Chinese-backed manufacturer is going to offer 130kWh battery – by the way, this pack option is considered to become the largest one at the automotive market. The Air will be powered by lithium-ion batteries; supplied by Samsung TDI. Inside the sedan, passengers get ultra-comfortable seats along with a wide array of infotainment gadgets. Add plenty of extra options like self-driving features and get this new luxe EV beauty for around $100,000. EV pre-orders are now available in the USA and Canada only.

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