Marchionne Proves LaFerrari Spider True for Production

Mon, 05/02/2016 - 15:11

It is all over but the shouting as it is official now! Sergio Marchionne, Fiat Chrysler Chief, confirmed today an exclusive convertible hypercar a.k.a. Spider to production. After he was announced as new Ferrari CEO, Marchionne rejoiced Maranello fans’ hearts on the spot with a piece of definitely good news. According to the interview with Automobile Magazine, Ferrari Chairman clearly explained that the drop-top Spider is expected to appear as the only product to be tagged with LaFerrari in the short run (perhaps 2017).

It is important to lay a special emphasis on the fact the forthcoming Spider might show itself as the speediest convertible ever. As Ferrari’s utmost road car is almost about to wean off is top, the famed hypercar would boast the fastest speed and an impressive weight considering the LaFerrari has got to feature a carbon fibre tub. Even though no rich details of the top-of-the-range drop-topper have been yet validated, a certain eye-watering price for deep-pocketed clientele is supposed to be a sure thing even today.

You will recall that the latest LaFerrari coupes have been sold for a sales price of $1.3 million. A Spider gimmick might be hugely more expensive, without objections.

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