Mazda Highlighted Two Miata Variants for SEMA-2016

Tue, 10/25/2016 - 10:03

Ford is not the only one carmaker which is going to make waves at the upcoming SEMA. It seems the wide range of stunning custom-designed cars in full glory will hit the posh aftermarket show this year. Mazda is set to present two poptastic Miata variants there; it comes to the MX-5 Speedster Evo and RF Kuro concepts.

No joke, Mazda got stuck in customizing the really outstanding models, created by Irvine design team, for the 2016 SEMA. The first, White Ether, roofless MX-5 Speedster Evolution concept is based on the last year’s MX-5 SEMA version, being even 350 lbs lighter compared to the latter. The current Evo weight makes just 2,000 lbs featuring also modified tires and wheels, along with a carbon fiber deflector. Looking extremely hot! The second, RF Kuro concept, shares the platform with the RF targa top model which is going to street power on early 2017. Painted in matte metallic dark gray (the concept’s name means charcoal in Japanese), the fresh newcomer boasts a hot set of 17-inch RAYS forged wheels and MX-5 Cup adaptive suspension to upgrade performance. 
Both concepts will be unveiled in its full glory next month at the SEMA.

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