Mercedes-AMG GT3 Racecar Boasts a New Livery from… Linkin Park!

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

It appears someone dealing with Linkin Park rock band is believed to be a heartful Mercedes addict supporting the German manufacturer for real. After a glorious soundtrack for a Mercedes C63 promo video in 2015, musicians of the metal band Linkin Park got a golden chance to create a sharp livery design for Team Black Falcon setting the hardest rock in Ardennes.  Admittedly, it is rather stunning one, and anyway, why not?

California-based rockers joined forces with Black Falcon racing team alongside with Mercedes AMG to design a genuinely one-off livery for the racing team against the backdrop of the Spa 24 Hours. A sharp, brutally speedway design boggles the mind rocking a fantastic color scheme with conspicuous red stripes, black-and-red highlights lights on a silver-saturated base and odd lightning.
The new livery will debut in race week at the Nugburgring 24 Hours featuring now on the race poster. Will it work, or does it seem to appear a dead note?

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