Most Eagerly Anticipated Theme Park – Ferrari Attacks the USA

Wed, 04/20/2016 - 14:32

According to Bloomberg, Ferrari is going to make another, crazy popular, theme park. The all-new Ferrari-branded entertainment park dedicated to the Maranello marquee is expected to be built in the United States. New ambitious plans are thought to be tightly associated a conceptually new marketing strategy for the luxury brand.

As reported, the new trail-blazing strategy will focus more on the Ferrari role as the luxury lifestyle brand rather than a refined sports car marquee standing out for the perception of uniqueness and exclusivity. The company had already opened several theme parks, particularly Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi’s, built in 2010 (captured on the video above) as well as Ferrari Land near Barcelona, Spain (pictured), including various driving “semi-professional F1” simulators, luxury outlets, restaurants, shopping centers and a F1 wing-shaped luxury hotel.However, the company intends to expand the range of entertainment; the new-built park will possibly offer virtual testing tracks, roller coasters, apparel, accessories and clothing lines to leverage its popularity. Though any particular details on potential location are still to confirm, one line of speculation is that Orlando and L.A. areas could play a possible role for this matter.

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