Much More Aero Kits for Lambo Huracan!

Tue, 08/02/2016 - 13:47

Now it’s official! Lamborghini has announced a really worthwhile upgrade for its Huracan, affecting both the RWD and AWD versions. It primarily comes to racing-like graphics and sporting aero kits from lightweight composite materials, not a significant power increase. So to spice things up, happy Lambo owners can contact their dealership to get one of three flamboyant After Sales packages for their sports car coupes.

First off, the all-new pack offers the fresh livery, updated side skirts, a totally new fixed wing and a front splitter as well. All these details finished in the color matte black, with double racing stripes along the whole vehicle’s body to come on and off without any damage to the exterior paint. And all the pack is all about the wing, it goes without saying. There are not only racing-inspired exterior stripes, but also a center-locking kit boasting aggressive 20-inch glossy-black wheels Super Trofeo inspired, with new charcoal alloys specially crafted. Being tested in wind tunnels, the aerodynamic kit was only one to be approved for the Huracan sports car.  And not a word about pricing, see what I mean?


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