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NIO Reveals Its Autonomous EVE Concept at SXSW

How does automotive autonomous future look like? NIO Chinese-funded startup seems to know the answer having unveiled its latest self-driving all-electric EVE concept at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The concept is all about autonomy, but battery-powered also equipped. Aimed to be a long-range electric car, the EVE is announced to be completely autonomous; no steering wheel and no pedals even. The cocoon-like concept plays with idea of so-called digital companionship.

The most concepts’ notable thing is NOMI, an artificial intelligence intuitive interface engineered to control the vehicle. First production models are expected to be introduced by 2020. A blend of luxury and attractiveness, it could be said about the Eve, with its inviting office-looking interior, optimized door cuts, active door glass to provide an impressive panoramic view and two forward-sliding doors.