Novitec Worked Substantially on McLaren 570S Spider

Wed, 01/31/2018 - 18:07

And here’s the result of Novitec’s plan for revamping the McLaren 570S Spider – now the supercar offers some exterior upgrades, extra power and lightweight add-ons.

Novitec, a German tuning house, customizes the famous McLaren’s ‘pet project’, the 570S Spider outfitting the vehicle with chassis alterations, a new N-Tronic system and a carbon-fiber bodykit. The main focus is surely on aesthetics, although the tuning house has gone further and given the supercar a fresh, bespoke look via using lightweight forged wheels, as well as the rear panels, side blades and sills. Novitec puts an upgrade package on it so a new chin spoiler and a revamped front splitter are aimed to increase downforce and deliver stability.

The performance boost is a key as well. Novitec has introduced some revisions including the N-Tronic system, a new exhaust system, new injection and ignition, with the 570S Spider jumping from the already impressive 562bhp to 637 horses and 510 lb-ft of torque. After rework, it can accomplish the 0-62mph task in 3 seconds which is good enough to 208mph when it comes to a top speed.

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