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Phantom: At the Zenith of Fame

After thirteen glorious years, Rolls-Royce announced to discontinue the illustrious Phantom generation. This would happen in current 2016. Two coupe models, the Drophead and Phantom, will be finally gone out of production this fall. Furthermore, the company claims these platforms won’t be used for updated versions.
However, something ends, something begins. Rolls promises us to build several special edition versions, contemporary and stunning, with crucially innovative design and trail-blazing technologies. 50 Drophead and Phantom versions, codenamed the Zenith, will be launched to wave off the lineup with good grace in November. Giles Taylor, the Rolls-Royce design director, claimed the Zenith to be a main epithome embodying the best of two axed coupes. Special Zeniths will feature some exclusive traits like laser-etched armrests, customized unique treatments and a specific one-off Spirit of Ecstasy figurine to adorn the hood.  
As lot of time has flown from the current lineup launch, an all-new generation is considered to be quite essential now. The next-gen SUV, codenamed the Cullinan, is expected to boast all-aluminum architecture already checked and got low-emission tested by the company. Among plenty of pros brought by the improved hi-tech architecture will be the flagrant necessity of electric and hybrid powertrains.