A Purple-Wrapped Regera, a Special Tribute to Prince

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Prince, an iconic musician, suddenly died Thursday at the age of 57. After his death stunned his fans all around the world, Christian von Koenisgegg paid tribute to the rock giant in a rather unique way having rendered a supercar in honor of him to express loyalty and support. On its Facebook page, Koenigsegg Automotive AB, the Swedish supercar manufacturer posted a CCXR going to the heart-piercing words “Purple – in memory of Prince. RIP Kid. Gone way too soon”. The model is wrapped in purple, the color that is closely associated with Prince after his “Purple Rain” movie.  What a great idea to say farewell, isn’t it?

The post certainly received tons of public appreciation as well as positive feedback; due to this, the manufacturer then posted a Regera in the same paint color rendered. Codenamed “Lila Regera” in Swedish, it refers to “Purple Reigh” hue in English matching the rock star’s glam nature. As Christian von Koenigsegg claimed (in the comment section), the waiting list makes currently around two years for a limited Regera; however, they do their best to shorten this period of time via increasing the production.  So the Purple Regera may well be expected hitting the public roads soon.

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