The Racing Audi RS3 LMS Totally Kicks Butt in Paris

Mon, 10/03/2016 - 19:31

Revealed at the Paris Motor Show, this shit-hot racing version of the latest RS3 sedan has garnered so much attention there. The freaking awesome car appears to have been borrowed some styling tidbits from the newest WRC racing models so there is no wonder why it is designed to participate in the Touring Car racing. As a result, the four-ringed brand rolled out a definitely affordable racecar looking pretty hot and featuring all the racing-specs staff customers could ever want. According to the Audi’s press release, the company will start deliveries in early winter this year.

Made in branded red-and-black paint hues, the poptastic RS3 LMS is a bit wider that the basic sedan. Designed to be suitable for a wide range of racing needs, it features the giant front splitter alongside with the huge rear wing, aggressively flared fenders and massive wheel arches.  In keeping with the TCR regulative rules it boasts a VW’s 2.0-litre four cylinder engine instead of the 2.5-litre Turbo under the hood. Pumping out a fairly 330 horsepower, the RS3 LMS takes 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. How much are we talking? It is a perfect bargain for the money as the club sport model will cost around $112,000 (if dealing with the version with the six-speed transmission, it comes to $145,000). Amazeballs, what we could say more!

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