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RB12 Gets a New Livery for Upcoming F1

Red Bull has boasted a new aggressive wrapping for the 2016 season of Formula One. Shining finish and purple shades have gone by the racing board, though, as well as the Infiniti logo. The challenger’s innovative livery is accomplished in typical yellow, red and darker blue colors with a matte blue finish and fluorescent refined details.  It would be butter to check the upgraded chassis for the challenger, but worse luck – it wouldn’t be demonstrated until the first pre-season checkout in Barcelona, Spain.

Daniil Kvyat and Daniel Ricciardo favorably cheered the revamped Red Bull livery; with hope it to get some striking results in the on-coming season. “The whole camo look … is pretty funky”, Ricciardo commented the recent single-seater’s alterations. The entire power of the fighting challenger will be delivered by French Renault engines, but the RB12 will be re-tagged as TAG Heuer due to a mint partnership.