Red Bull & Aston Martin to Reveal a New-Designed V12-powered Hypercar

Tue, 07/05/2016 - 04:31

Well, it seems like the close cooperation between Red Bull and Aston Martin yielded some fruit. This radical project is apparently expected to beat LaFerrari! Aston Martin has even now presented its revolutionary car all cars excelling, a V12-powered hypercar. Called the AM-RB 001, this street-and-track-targeted sports car stands out for its extreme performance along with the dramatic exterior, not to mention a 900-bhp gargantuan V12 engine, naturally aspirated.

Aston Martin announced only 150 mammoth AM-RB 001s would be built; however, some deep-pocketed buyers could do with the pricing tag (madly, madly high expected!) which is yet disclosed. Being the brainchild of Marek Reichman, the leading AM designer, and Adrian Newey, the famous F1 technician, the AM-RB 001 boggles the imagination due to their meticulous work. As a result, the hypercar boasts overwhelming attention to details and complex curving surfaces to deliver downforce to the full. Aggressive styling is not the only feature; the project features no hybrid system. The AM team cannot emphasize enough – motor and one more motor, that’s the AM-RB 001 is all about.

The luxury carmaker is going to launch testing in 2017. First deliveries are expected to reach customers in 2018.


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