Roborace Unveils an All-electric DevBot, Totally Futuristic!

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Codenamed DevBot, the driverless highly-intelligent electric racecar has been introduced by Roborace. Designed in bare carbon by Daniel Simon, this kind of racecar could proudly be defined as futuristic self-driving ones, with a sleek design. The latest prototype of an autonomous race car is set to debut during the Formula E practice session that Donington Park raceway, UK, will host. It should also be recalled that the first Roboraces are expected to take place in a special race event during the forthcoming Formula E 2016-2017 season in Hong Kong.

The DevBot is considered to be a heart of the Roborace team’s plan to high up the public profile of driverless robotic technology by proving it’s absolutely safe. (To be sure, Tesla, with its Autopilot crash, has gone a bit wrong). The Devbot differs slightly from the previous version; the main difference is the Devbot has some extra space for a human driver onboard. The vehicle has yet the same drivetrain and sensors, not to mention processing technology, with the Robocar (that is actually no wonder if keeping in mind the Devbot has been created just like a testing platform for the Robocar).

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