Rock Around the Royce: the British Carmaker Revealed Fresh Wraith Editions

Fri, 03/31/2017 - 12:34

What could be better than a luxury car model? Well only the luxury car model inspired by the finest music, the British rock, the Rolls Royce means. Nine bespoke Wraith models, artfully customized in the British hard rock style, are going to be built by the luxury British manufacturer, and the first four of them are ready made.

Legendary icons of the British rock partnered with the Rolls Royce Motor Cars to help in designing the Wraith “Inspired by British Music” collectors’ editions. Sir Ray Davies of The Kinks, The WHO lead singer Roger Daltrey CBE, and Giles Martin, son of well-known producer and songwriter Sir George Martin, commited to create  the first project cars. Daltrey succeeded in creating two models at once, first inspired by his 1969 “Tommy” album (as the one-off model features a hood painted to depict the album’s vinyl cover), and the second being a glorious tribute to The Who (design includes the unique embroidery portraying the artists’ signatures, and door flights engraved with far-famed song lyrics). Sir Ray used lyrics from “Drivin’” and “Shangri-La” to express the such-like design motifs. Ronnie Wood of “The Rolling Stones” along with Francis Rossi of Status Quo and Dame Shirley Bassey used three James Bond title songs including immortal “Diamonds are Forever” are expected to represent the next stellar Wraith editions.

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