A Rollercoaster Ride of 2016 CES

Thu, 01/07/2016 - 19:47

2016 International Consumer Electronics Show starts this Monday, and you should attend this event if you are a true fan of technical revolution in the automotive industry. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the annual CES blossomed out into a terrific global both auto and hi-tech show, a must-take-part-in event to release the longest-awaited recent developments or to boast the genuine auto discoveries. So no wonder each and every car maker worth his salt feels it his duty to be represented there as more than one fourth of the exhibition space is designated as an area for the automotive novelties. So what could we expect from this year’ event in Las Vegas?

First of all, Faraday Future should not be left unmentioned. Fans and experts had high expectations for this . A financial background of this automotive startup is reported to be kept all-secret till the company announced its plans on building a $1 billion electric concept cars factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. 1,000-hp stunning fully-electric ZERO1 concept seems though to look rather unrealistic, the hard observers reported. Check it yourself and follow #FFZero1:

Furthermore, two major premieres of electric concept cars are expected to be revealed. It comes to showcasing the production prototype of the Chevrolet Bolt EV by General Motors as well as all-electric Volkswagen concept car, having teased its followers with numerous hints and reminders in Twitter and Facebook. VW promises us a new era of mobility with a long-distance concept BUDD-e car (you should use #eMobility hashtag to follow Budd-e news via Twitter, e.g.)


Go along with Ford promising to represent an alliance between connected car technology and autonomous driving. As you may remember, it is rumored that Ford could stop a team play with Google though it is unknown whether. The point of Ford’s announcement at this CES was under much vigorous discussion whether it is a stand-alone project or actually a self-driving car with integrated software. Gone are the days of traditional mass car-making, now Ford deals with complicated hi-tech projects to keep up with the times. And now Mark Fields, the Ford CEO, has the speech showcasing SyncConnect system to operate the vehicle. The infotainment voice-steered system works on cloud-base Alexa service and supports CarPlay and Android (Auto) so the driver can still use his mobile device to control the car vice versa on the touchscreen. Well, let’s wait for Detroit for major automotive connectivity trends and still hope for Google+Ford hi-tech driving project.

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