Roush to Uncover 727hp P-51 Mustang at SEMA

Thu, 11/03/2016 - 12:13

Roush Performance, the well-known Ford tuner, has just unveiled its all-new product at the 2016 SEMA. Measure once, cut thrice, Roush apparently believed, having uncovered three stunning products. Along with a brand-new F-150 “Nitemare” and a 500hp track-inspired Ford Focus RS, they are hitting the event with a 727hp Mustang-based P-51.

The model is actually a tribute to a legendary WWII P-51 Mustang fighter plane. Like its prototype, the P-51 benefits from a Roush Phase 2 supercharger boasting the 5.0-litre Aluminator V8 driven via a six-speed manual gearbox under the hood, to deliver 727 ponies. On top of that, Roush Performance has fixed up the flagship with the branded adjustable suspension and Trak-Pak 19-inch aluminium lightweight Weld wheels to be combined with Continental Sport performance tires. As it was inspired by the iconic aircraft, the body is painted in matter “military green” coupled with a unique “aircraft silver” shade in the P-51 badging and hood graphic. So the whole appearance is defined by distinct side splitters, a rear wing, a front splitter and groove grille lighting. The P-51 is expected to reach US dealers this summer.

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