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RUF Announces His 700-bhp Yellow Bird To Be Street-Legal in U.S.

How does the smash hit look like to be sold without even having a look at it? Well, if it looks like the revived RUF CTR, you have a shot.

“Old, but gold… yellow-gold”, it may be said without exaggeration about this model. Built by German brand RUF, this bright bird is definitely considered to be this year Geneva’s show stopper. The company decided its past 1987 year icon, based on the Porsche 911, to be resurrected.  After 30 years, to mark the original car’s anniversary, the company will launch a revived CTR model going to build 29 units only. All of them have already been sold by car enthusiasts, without even having a look at the production model.

This time, the CTR doesn’t share its platform with the Porsche riding on a new carbon fiber monocoque in-house developed chassis, a new suspension, along with the rear-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual gearbox. To meet EPA regulations, the Yellow Bird is powered by a 3.6-liter water-cooled twin-turbocharged Mezger engine, putting out 700bhp and 649 lb-ft of torque and resulting a 0-62mph time under 3.5 seconds; it means the CTR will be street-legal in the USA hitting a top speed of 225mph.