Saudi Arabia Prince Shows Off One-off Bugatti Chiron Twins

Thu, 01/01/1970 - 00:00

Prince Baldr bin Saud of Saudi Arabia has recently announced one of his latest exclusive acquisitions. According to a shot in his Instagram account, the Prince gotta have to replenish his valuable car collection with the pair of bespoke hypercar twins. It comes to the impressive Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept from Frankfurt 2015 expo along with the one-off 2017 Chiron pre-production version of the forthcoming concept car from the latest Geneva Motor Show. The fact is that both rarities aren’t even production-ready.

Bugatti confirmed the information having added that the Prince suggested “the most convincing bid” hinting upon that Saud wasn’t the only enthusiast to stake at. There’s no exact word on how much the high-horsepower pair’s price was but according to the experts, it was reported to go beyond $5M as the official pricing tag of the 2017 Chiron flies to $2.6M. Whether the concepts are actually drivable along with the performance capabilities remains unclear. The only precisely known is that they both come with the original 8.0-litre W16 quad-Turbo engines. Well, guess the Prince likes his newly-acquired hypercars.

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