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Spyker C8 Preliator Will Be Spotted at 2016 Geneva Motor Show

The specs and full-rate details are not revealed, but, as follows from the previous roundabouts by Spyker, the Dutch sports car manufacturer intends to build an electric car (see whether an all-electric or a hybrid one it would be). In the lead up to the upcoming Geneva Motors, the carmaker hints at the new release to its Facebook followers.
The teasing image posted represents the C8 Preliator, the latest company’s model to debut in Switzerland on March,1st. Judging by the darkened image is a thankless job, but it may be assumed that the C8 will boast a curved smoothly rounded roof, compact moderate-sized rearview mirrors and lagre-scaled air intakes. If compared to the previous C8 Alieron, the Preliator appears to have starkly different headlights and the front fascia, more rounded. The striking design promises to be something jaw-dropping (as always when dealing with Spyker, indeed).
Spyker’s tip: you should use the #c8preliator hashtag to follow the latest news about the vehicle.