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Topcar and DMC Tuners Designed a Package for the GLE 63 AMG

Topcar Company and DMC tuners teamed up to create a badass metal hit – it comes to the hottest Mercedes GLE 63 AMG. Codenamed “Inferno”, this carbon fiber beastie looks definitely more aggressive and bold now. The stunning tuning package was unveiled at the last SEMA being one of the brightest attention-seekers there.

The exterior modifications seem to be the most notable thing in terms of its design. The main tuner accent is focused on better aerodynamics; the SUV coupe boasts so-called “aerodynamic GLE Inferno kit” including a predator-looking carbon fiber hood, side air intakes, a rear bumper with a massive diffuser and well-pronounced air vents, enlarged fenders, aerodynamically enhanced front bumper and side skirts. Elements of the kit overall are made from Kevlar and carbon fiber, to increase maneuverability. Customers will also get a set of 22 or 23-inch ultra lightweight forged wheels.

The high-end package features a branded Topcar logo instead of Mercedes’s one, to highlight its boldness. The model will be offered at local Asian automotive markets only, with the expected pricing tag above $330,000.