Toyota Ceases Production of FJ Cruiser Worldwide

Tue, 05/17/2016 - 16:36

Everything ends, then, starting August, Toyota will say “bye” to its retro off-roader. The FJ Cruiser ends the production after a relatively successful decade. It was launched into the automotive market in 2006 appeared as an innovative re-imagination of the iconic FJ40 Land Cruiser. 

Why we should consider the model “relatively successful”? The fact is the quirky-styled FJ off-roader is ultimately refined, with an updated retro design and a tech-savvy interior. However, sales data are the highest consideration; the FJ Cruiser can’t be considered as a competitive top-seller, so production will completely end in late summer. Sales elsewhere will be also cut out.  As you may remember, Toyota offered a limited edition package, codenamed the Trail Teams Ultimate Edition, to mark a send-off for the FJ Cruiser.

How comes it? Actually the FJ model was considered to be an awfully pricey to produce. Along with it, compared to the modern eco-friendly crossovers, the FJ Cruiser features nightmarish MPG stats. In current times, when a sales industry rapidly focuses on money-saving and green crossovers, the FJ should be discontinued. Nothing wrong; the next iterations will surely blow our mind.

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