Toyota Concept-I Makes Waves at 2017 CES

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 12:15

It’s totally futuristic and looks ephemerally weird. On top of that, it is operated by the artificial intelligence interface system, just like in science fiction movies. The fluidic designed conceptual Toyota’s debut at CES surely has plenty of other smart features, but one thing is clear: Toyota brought the concept to that event in order to unveil a typical brand-new vehicle of future will look like.

The new concept represents surely a totally new way of interaction between vehicle and its driver.  To envision a future, where we deal with self-driving or self-thinking cars, the manufacturer offers a special AI agent, named “Yui”, focusing on passengers’ and driver’s needs via messages, voice commands, visual cues and warnings. According to Project Design Manager’s words, it took almost two years to create such a smart communicating system.

Then again, it looks fantastic. The core design exterior principle is the idea of “kinetic warmth”, a Design Research Crew’s belief that modern technology should be user-friendly and fun-to-use. How do you like the way your car door panel would say “Hello” or “Goodbye” to you, being basically invisible? Built to be both manual and self-driven, the Concept-I can get about where the driver goes, as well as different situations in which the car will need to take over from the driver. Not to mention the dynamic exterior graphic to inform pedestrian about the actual driving concept mode.

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