Toyota Will Release GT 86 Concept, Manga-Inspired

Wed, 06/29/2016 - 11:17

Toyota’s new, ambitious project seems to get popular in a minute. The old-but-gold AE86 Corolla set the pattern for a new-gen GT86 project with the creation of GT86 Concept. Rooted deeply in an iconic Japanese manga series, the Toyota GT86 mirrors a bespoke GT86 Initial concept. Something funky, but obviously pretty, isn’t it?

In fact, no one can deny that Toyota is almost all about creating ingenious concepts; we could delight with the Future Tahoma concept, for example. For this fantastic concept, the design team took Initial D as a basis, with the same parts. However, they modified an array of details including the body, lights and certainly suspension, creating a kind of logical successor to the AE86. A panda-style monochrome livery seems to look bold too, along with a carbon-fibre hood, revised shrut brace and Wanatabe alloys. And, like the original, the “manga” concept pays tribute to the AE86, especially keeping in mind a series of mind-blowing comic-style backdrops by a manga artist Sonia Leong.

The GT 86 is considered just to be a concept here, though. We could meet it in the flesh at several autoshows this summer.



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