Triumph of Aerodynamics: Aston Martin Upgrades Its Truck-Focused Vulcan AMG PRO

Sat, 07/01/2017 - 00:57

EXCEEDING THE LIMITS: Aston Martin reveals its extremely impressive Vulcan at the current Goodwood Festival of Speed adding the racing-inspired upgrade AMG PRO kit to boost performance. Being a truck-focused machine, the Vulcan seems to become even more hard-hitting with the gearbox significantly improved and, as a result, impressively improved downforce, therefore. From now, the all-fired metal demon will offer 575 lb-ft of torque along with hellish 820 horsepower.

What’s the scoop? The carbon-fiber lay-up has been highly optimized, to reduce the weight. Louvered panels above the front-wheel arches, a new rear wing and a massive front splitter help to enhance aerodynamic balance as well as to better steering response. Actually, to better the lap times too. In figures, it comes to approximately 30 percent more downforce – from 3150Nm to 4000Nm (and from 2,323 lb-ft to 2,950 lb-ft of torque)– if compared to the Vantage GTE, a glorious Le-Mans winner with 2,290 lb-ft respectively. 

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