Undeniably Sexy, Totally Limited – Aston Martin Rolls Vantage GTS

Wed, 04/06/2016 - 13:27

Love Aston Martin? Hate Aston Martin? Here is the way one can find out whether you love it or hate. The boutique British car maker launches the model totally unique for the USA; it comes to the 2017 Vantage GTS. For fans and hearted followers – well, the stylish model promises to look absolutely sexy; for haters – then maybe styling is only one it features. Besides that, the number of units will be limited to 100.

Aston Martin also announced the future plans to streamline the V-8 Vantage lineup with the 2017 GTS model. Customers could opt for either 7-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission as well as decide in favour of Roadster or Coupe GTS variants. Both “Lux Edition” and “Sport Edition” trim levels will be available; strictly speaking, it deals with one trim offering the same 4.7-litre V8 but in two styling favors. 

The Sport Edition Trim offers the sport suspension, formerly optional on the previous Vantage, and literally tons of carbon fiber in the exterior design, with the massive front grille finished in deep glossy black. As for the stuff inside, it features leather interior in optional grey or black trimming. The Lux Edition Trim offers a softer suspension focusing more on the exterior. Of course, “Lux” couldn’t be called “Lux” without giving particular attention to the much satin gloss black detailing like the rear diffuser, the front splitter and the headlights bezel. Looks almost perfect, but…what a ridiculous price of $135,000?

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