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Varsovia Revealed Some Sketches for a Forthcoming PHEV

Varsovia Motor Company, a Polish startup carmaker, reveals some facts about its new premium concept car with range extender. The plug-in hybrid sedan is expected to be limited and launched into production no sooner than 2018. Sawa, the legendary fictional mermaid whom the City of Warsaw took its name from (her and War, her twin as well), and the official city symbol, has been represented as a beautiful statuette at the top of the bonnet. Actually, Varsovia name hints at its Polish background too.

The forthcoming Varsovia hybrid luxury sedan is designed by Kadler Design Studio to provide a new level of comfort to its owners. The main design point is its utopian futuristic minimalism. The concept car looks like a comfortable mobile office on wheels being equipped with an on-board computer, tablet, keyboard and advanced info system; however, they gonna have to drop the passenger seat to make the sedan more spacious. Instead of the seat, there are two in-built 19-inch monitors that can be folded to make a single wide screen serving along with it as a roof window. The startup promises some bedazzle specs on the website, accelerating 0-62 mph in just 5 seconds. The all-electric range makes 215 miles on a full-charged battery.  “No plastic inside the car”, such a motto the designers have chosen when developing the interior. Only high-end natural materials including leather, mineral rocks, wood or silver have been matched together to maximize luxury and comfort of its passengers.