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1991 Mahindra Armada #1

The Very First 7.03.45 Lap by Viper Team at the Ring, Go Viper!

The Hero at the wheel: Dominik Farnbacher, a professional racer
The recorder: a stock 2017 Viper ACR with a paint scheme tributing a GTS-R street car.
The lap time: 7.03.45
The track: Nurburgring

If you are a Viper Ring Record Run donator, you should continue reading this, dude.
As you may know, Viper Nation Team launched a crowdfunded project heartedly funded by individual fans through a GoFundMe campaign that is focused on attempting the first lap record at the iconic German Nurburgring track in fifth-gen Viper. Sponsored largely by Prefix and Kumho Tyres, the team tried to set a lap time on the wet track conditions, and it was a great job on achieving that 7.03.45 time out of the box. They say, it is the fastest American car to lap the Nurburgring ever. And 7.03 is just a start of history, for a first timed lap, as the team is going to get a second lap attempt in a little while.
Want to be a part of this record? You are welcomed to donate.