Volkswagen to Reveal New SUV at Beijing

Mon, 04/18/2016 - 12:34

The 2016 Beijing Motor Show, one of the most outstanding automotive expositions worldwide is just around the corner kicking off in late April. Most of the metals exhibited at the event will mostly focus on the local Chinese market and are absolutely not expected to appear at sales markets of the USA or Europe. However, as the local market is strongly believed to become ever-increasing, the prominent auto giants are getting ready to debut there with some spellbinding gimmicks. Along with Audi, Renault and Porsche that are teasing fans with some facelifted or all-new vehicles at Beijing, VW practically goes with the times intending to unveil the mint plug-in hybrid SUV there.

According to the enticing set of teasers revealed by Volkswagen, it comes to a spacious SUV hybrid concept, with 375bhp powertrain and an electric power unit. It is rumored that the concept could eventually represent the next-gen VW Touareg taking the striking design to a higher level of elegance. As a plug-in hybrid, the eagerly anticipated concept can provide 31 miles of driving range going from 0-62mph in 6 seconds as well. As for the fuel consumption figures, the carmaker claims less than 94mpg for the new-built hybrid vehicle.

The interior is all about ergonomics; VW boasts some up-to-date in-vehicle digital technologies to approach a new epoch of modern mobility.

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