Volkswagen Will Suggest A New Electric Concept In a Month

Mon, 09/19/2016 - 10:54

It would be as leading-edge vehicle as the Beetle model was several decades ago, Volkswagen announced. The one-off latter-day electric pioneer based on the principally lead-ahead MEB (it means modular electrification kit) is expected to be revealed at the upcoming Paris Motor Show next month. Meanwhile, Volkswagen tantalizes us with some teasing images of the newly-designed concept.

The carmaker promised “an iconic design study” for this game-changing newcomer; lots of LEDs and a sort of matrix-look hit us right between the eyes. Essentially, it would be an electromobil, with no emission to cheat with. According to the words of Herbert Deiss, VW CEO, the forthcoming all-electric concept will boast almost Golf-ish sizes outside, with Passat-ish space inside the vehicle.  The production version based on a concept will expect to hit markets approximately in 2020 model year.

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