Volvo Announced Its First All-Electric Urban-Focused Truck

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 10:01

Trucks seem to hit the mainstream; so no wonder that Volvo Trucks expands its rule in manufacturing the heavy vehicles in the world with the first pure-electric truck. Dubbed the FL Electric, the Volvo’s first commercial truck is aimed to be used mostly for city traffic in urban area. Series production as well as sales of the all-electric truck in Europe will kick off in 2019.

Gothenburg offers a lot: no exhaust emissions, a low noise level, and a whole range up to 186 miles. Because of a low noise level, trucks can be used at night without troubling people, as well as give drivers a friendly working environment. The truck accommodates between two- and six lithium-ion batteries for energy storage of 100 to 300 kWh. The 185-kW electric motor provides 175 horsepower and 313 pound-feet of torque; it takes 1-2 hours to charge a 300-kWh battery via DC charging or overnight (up to 10 hours) via AC charging.

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