Volvo Going to Reveal a New Small SUVs Range

Wed, 05/17/2017 - 03:43

Due to high sales of small SUVs and compact crossovers, Volvo seems to follow the boom. Lex Kerssemakers, Volvo U.S. CEO, speaking to Car & Driver, has announced that the Sweden carmaker is planning a new compact range in the segment.
Sitting below the 40 Series range, soon to arrive, the highly anticipating Volvo 20 Series will include the XC20, S20 along with V20 models. Volvo will offer both petrol and diesel versions of the 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine for the new range, along with the all-electric drivetrain. It is expected that the new XC20 compact crossover will rival the premium Audi Q2 or BMW X1 featuring the smaller CMA platform. However, for now, it is not likely that Volvo is planning any convertibles or even coupes. According to Kerssemakers’ interview, he pointed up the fact Volvo just focuses on selling cars globally.

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