Warrior Attack: 2016 Audi LMP1 Wrapping in Black

Wed, 03/23/2016 - 18:07

The current 2016 season Audi intends to compete with the new R18 LMP1 model. Codenamed the Warrior, the race car is claimed to be principally all-new, looking totally unlike the predecessor. According to the words of Wolfgang Ullrich, the leader of Audi Motorsport, the Warrior is much more effective and even impactful to manage energy efficiently.

Due to the latest regulation changes, the new hybrid system can deliver more than 1, 000hp recovering at least 50% more energy compared to the previous versions. So the company has overpowered the race car using a powerful lithium-ion battery pack instead of the previous flywheel storage system. The Warrior, hence, is equipped with a new hybrid powertrain, battery-powered.

The actual wrapping is believed to run in a more forceful aerodynamic manner getting ready to the 24 Hours of Le Mans. According to the actual restrictions, Audi should reduce the Warrior’s ponies as the racing beast is capable to deliver around 476hp. The claimed number is, still, up to 408hp.

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