When Aston Martin Meets Red Bull, A Hypercar Comes Into Life

Thu, 10/20/2016 - 00:39

We have been waiting for this ultimate project for a long time, and it’s about time there! As you may remember, Aston Martin teamed Red Bull to build a grand-extreme hypercar. Codenamed AM-RB-001, this long-awaited two-seater is finally set to be released with details. Would you like to get more infos?

According to the interview of Adrian Newey, the technical boss of the Red Bull Racing, the new hypercar goes all nuts, with a hard-edged futuristic look and definitely impressive specs. Experimenting with technologies and designs, the engineer team has put a great emphasis on perfect aerodynamics due to the active suspension and improved 4G cornering ability. The eye-watering pricing is expected to reach at least $3M. A bit pricey, but hey ho that’s a carbon-fibre hypercar as they say, and the company intends to build only 175 units only (25 race-limited vehicles that aiming to the track along with 150 street-legal vehicles as well). The main nuts are the AM-RB-001 is capable of 200mph in just around 10 seconds going to be full braked in only 15 seconds as well (0-200-0 time).  The ultimate hypercar claims records, says Newey.


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