When the GT68 Coupe Dreamt Up

Fri, 05/06/2016 - 12:49

No surprise, frankly speaking. After facing Mazda going a little bit mad with 2017 Miata RF, it would be quite reasonable to expect a similar step from Toyota. OK, we’ll buy it, so may we present an all-new make-believe concept, please? One of the largest carmakers worldwide, Toyota, caught the fans off guard by revealing the GT86 Shooting Brake Concept. Toyota-badged, this one-of-a-kind prototype appears as the product of hard work by the Australian design team (this is the reason why the Harbour Bridge is against the concept shot background). However, the Shooting Brake Concept is considered to remain nothing else but a fancy concept, though real one.

Built in Japan, this sleek-and-sporty design concept actually represents a rather standard GT86 model, all-functional and fully drivable one. According to the words of Tetsuya Tada, the Concept Chief Engineer, the original coupe has been improved in terms of its direct steering along with the weight to attack Toyota test tracks.  It becomes more practical than we’d expect and much more family friendly to drift. Tada, though, claims the extremely marvelous concept to remain the no-go prototype car, not a full-fledged production version.  They just “test the waters”.

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