When Size Matters: Audi Creates a King-Size A8L Extended

Tue, 04/12/2016 - 17:41

Your eyes don’t cheat you. And yes, there is a right image. This luxury six-door A8L Extended striking six-seater was created by Audi at the special request of a well-heeled European customer. We don’t know the details about the personality of this wealthy buyer as he didn’t wish to be named. However, we know exactly it took almost a year to deliver the order: based on the A8L flagship sedan, this massive limo is more than 3 feet longer than the production model being a 20.9 feet overall.

The whopping sedan boasts a 13.8 feet wheelbase which is 3.6 feet longer that the standard version. Audi uses a unique Space Frame exterior design and plenty of aluminum for the model’s body. This big A8L is yet while overwhelmingly elegant, with a glass roof panel to enhance spaciousness and Valcona leather-wrapped interior, soft beige velvet finished. A huge wheelbase can room an additional third row of seats, electrically adjustable, to accommodate six passengers totally. The superiorly ravished interior offers a special center console and a rear seat multimedia entertainment display too.

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