Zica Hatchback Is No More Zippy

Wed, 02/03/2016 - 19:50

The virus epidemic, under the Zika name, caused the Indian all-new sparkling supermini vehicle to be renamed. Tata Motors, the Indian car giant, officially announced the Zica hatch’s rebranding because of its similarity to the Zika dangerous disease. The carmaker is going to debut with a shining all-new Zica hatchback at the forthcoming New Delhi 2016, a world-known automotive expo. However, an unfortunate brand name is to be altered without delay.

Tata states the name of the hatchback exhibited doesn’t no way relate to the epidemic illness. The brand Zica is derived via a contraction of two short words, “zippy”+”car”. Anyway, the company accepted the right idea of renaming the vehicle to avoid all possible linkages to the Zika virus. Despite all obstacles (it comes to a car’s scheduled launch) as well as a huge high-profile promotional Zica campaign with Lionel Messi, a stellar footballer forward, Tata decided to re-name the hot hatch going on sale in the coming week as they claimed themselves to be a “socially responsible company”. The Tata hatch is been now exhibiting under the current Zica name, but re-naming is considered to be an affair of a few weeks.

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