So Tesla Go!

Fri, 02/05/2016 - 20:58

Recently, Tesla Motors posted this fascinating video footage on its official Facebook page. The talented story is all about a surreal world of gas and oil, doubting and blind. The emotional “Not A Dream” video clip was directed by Freise Brothers, aimed to emphasize the main Nicola’s idea about the power of electricity that can rule the world without oil or gas.
Looks like a Mad Max world? Damn straight. An all-electric Tesla S model is smoothly moving along the roads, wild and desolated, providing a wise solution. It reflects our world in petrochemical hi-tech lifestyle, depending hugely on gas stations, oil pumps and road smog. Do we use the power of science to stop the climate chaos? Do we really fight the expansion of fossil fuel extraction? Our lifestyle is overwhelmed by all this polluted stuff. Dedicated as well as passionate, this runner narrated with Tesla’s words, leads us to think about the idea.

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