Feel the Rhythm of Super Bowl 2021 with These Car Commercials’ Roundup!

Tue, 02/23/2021 - 13:18

During the Big Game there’s usually a host of splashy car ad slots, so we've collected here the best of this year’s automotive commercials for you to check up.
However, among the challenges encountered, it should be noted that this year seems to look a bit different as 2020 was surely a hard year to go through it for everyone. But the sad fact is that only several automotive brands aired their commercials during the Super Bowl. No Porsche. No Lexus. No ‘Lord of the Rings’ or Mercedes-Benz. Here are they:

Ford comes way ahead with its ‘Finish Strong’ ad slot playing with the Covid-19 pandemia theme to prioritize the safety. This video doesn’t even advertise any of Ford’s makes and models. 
You’re tired of surviving, they say, but you gonna keep on trying - what a strong message from an automotive giant to beat this pandemic.
Hold on, says Nano.
Stay together and fight to finish strong, asks Ford.

Press F to pay respect. It’s definitely worth it.

General Motors has put humor in the first place. No Way, Norway plays with the theme of EV production pitching the GM’s modular Ultium platform as an ambitious agenda for launching EV’s in the USA. The ad features Kenan Thompson, Awkwafina and Will Ferrell as well as GMC Hummer EV and tons of ultimate jokes to simply make fun. 

America can do it better, GM promises. Check out:

Cadillac goes next with Edgar Scissorhands. 
Pushing a bunch of the autonomous driving functions of the all-electric Lyric EV, the ad showcases this technology in a definitely lyric, attractive manner with a help of Tim Burton’s masterpiece, Edward Scissorhands.
Meet the cast:
Timothee Chalamet as Edward Scissorhands
Winona Ryder as Kim Boggs
2023 Cadyllac Lyric EV - cameo.

Toyota - Upstream
Another super-emotional ad shares a story of Jessica Long, US Paralympic swimmer, from a Russian adoptee and double amputee to winning several Paralympic medals. The hope and strength in all of us, says Toyota, the sponsor of the USA Olympic and Paralympic teams following the line of high spirit. And again they didn’t even show a car - only a story of hope and victory. 

Jeep - The Middle
He has never played in the commercials before, and here he is - the Boss appears, with a call of unity and common ground. Iconic singer and musician, Bruce Springsteen doesn’t promote any new or upcoming Jeep model - he is shown with his personal 1980 Jeep CJ-5, narrating a message of unity, ‘a middle’ instead. Just great, Jeep,.. up ahead!

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