Jeep Promises A Glass Roof for 2022 Grand Wagoneer, Coming Soon

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 22:56

After years of waiting, FCA has just unveiled another teasing set of amazing photos of the upcoming Grand Wagoneer that will be debuted next week. Unfortunately, we won’t see the production version of the full-size SUV on sale until at least 2021, but we can check out the details, and they’re definitely impressive.
What’s Already Revealed?
-    An original seven-slat grille
-    The infotainment controller finished in chrome
-    A leather-and-wood trim for an ultra-luxurious interior
What’s New?
-    A massive glass roof. It appears to be all-darkened, it’s panoramic, and it will definitely be a fine though rather expensive option. On top of that, a teaser shot clearly shows a three-row layout seating for six passengers; seven is also possible.
-    Two-tone exterior color options with white-painted body and a darkened roof, along with the vent on the hood completed in gloss black
-    An interior vent, door handles and roof rails covered in chrome.
As mentioned, the full debut is just around the corner, so we should wait the concept’s reveal in full on September 3.


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