Pure Hydrogen, Pure Clarity – Honda Goes to Japan

Fri, 03/11/2016 - 21:48

The fuel cell battle seems to start soon. Honda Clarity, the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, is officially declared to be leased in Japan in the nearest future. However, the company intends to roll on per 200 cars a year only, at least, for the first year after entering the sales market. For the U.S. retail space, the upcoming sedan should arrive this year later. The promising model is meant to rival with the exciting Toyota Mirai FCEV offering just the same category especially when it comes to the EPA range of over 300 miles. The leasing prices are believed to be much the same.


For Japan, only businesses or governmental institutes or offices could lease the Clarity vehicles. Such a selective leasing aims to form a target group judge about the high-potential hydrogen cars; after that, the company is going to make the 174-hp sedan mass-marketed. The current pricing tag makes about $67,800, with a challenging leasing price of $500 per month.

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