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Ford F-150 Raptor: The Ultimate Way to Conquer People’s Republic

After a successful debut in the US, the Raptor off-road pickup is going to explore China. The fast-evolving Chinese market seems to cover all the automotive brands worldwide. No wonder FMC intends to attract customers to the brand with the all-new iconic high-performance vehicle. Since 2009 when the Raptor had been introduced, it turned heads whenever it appears globally. It should naturally come as no surprise that Ford Motor Company focuses on China with the Michigan-built, uniquely American, F-150. It goes viral in US, why not trying to conquer new heights there?

According to the words of Henry Ford III, FMC Performance Marketing Manager, there are at once several performance vehicles to garner attention of the Chinese segment, among them the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, US-built Focus RS and Ford Mustang. So far, it seems clear that the 3.5-litre V6 F-150 Raptor would feature a higher pricing tag compared to the American version, due to numerous Chinese tariffs.  But one thing is definitely clear: the Raptor would for surely be pricey. As a comparison, FMC holds up the Ford Mustang as a price pattern: the base version for the US starts from $26,345 whereas the Chinese Mustang muscle car will cost from $61,500. Do you still want doing business in China?