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Let’s Go on a Picnic, Rolls Royce Says

One does not simply enter the 2016 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Believed to be the top-ranking exclusive car contest in the world, the event is set to host the latest debuts along with the most targeted concept models.  And while luxury brands such as Koenigsegg and Maybach have been fully fledged to unveil the most anticipated debuts here, at Pebble Beach, Rolls-Royce is spicing things up to offer a real treat. Going on a beach picnic, it’s always a good idea! Going on a picnic with a Zenith? Count me in!

Well, Rolls has just unveiled its prominent feather in the bonnet, the picnic basket. As always when we are dealing with Rolls-Royce, the basket is ultra-luxury and extremely exclusive to meet the highest quality standards. Only 50 units will be created to complete the final Special Edition Zenith Collection packages. Each basket is handcrafted from upscale grain leather and walnut wood to fit the exterior color. The kit includes brand-monogrammed embroidered napkins, handmade cutlery from stainless steel, the bespoke wine glasses and a cutting board. Around the edges, the details are finished in platinum and black paint. Considering the Zenith collection comes with split tailgates including a compact Champagne holder, a genuinely illuminated glass shelf and a cool box, happy Phantom campers could effortlessly use these ones as picnic seats, it seems Rolls has got a slam dunk with such a basket to go for the big time here.