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Volkswagen Cabrio

Volkswagen Cabrio news

Right From Launch: Volkswagen Promising Arteon R-Line To Be Unveiled in NY

  Volkswagen is going to pull the cloth off a sporty-looking R-Line package of its Arteon four-door sedan; we could observe it in its full glory at the New York Auto Show next week. However, these modifications are only cosmetic – that means the package is mostly about the look.
Thu, 03/22/2018 - 12:06

$100 Cheaper and More Driver-Focused: Volkswagen Revealed 2019 Jetta at Detroit Auto Show

Claimed to be even cheaper than the current model, the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta will hit U.S. markets with the starting price of $18,545. While saving costs and delivering more space – the compact sedan is wider, longer and definitely roomier – the all-new Jetta features a much-improved interior and getting much-more driver-focused. For the rest, Jetta still keeps its spirit looking like you’d expect the VW Jetta to look like – no more and no less.
Mon, 01/22/2018 - 14:25

Frankfurt Motor Show: Volkswagen Boasted I.D. Cross II Electric Concept

2017 Frankfurt Motor Show opens doors in Frankfurt today, and new fabulous concepts and new models are just the point crowds of visitors are gawping at there. This year, some outrageous concepts are expected to be introduced, so let’s see where the focus is. Volkswagen, the brand at the centre of the outgoing Dieselgate scandal, has revealed the updated VW I.D.Cross II, considering the electric concept to be better choice in the wake of the emission scandal.
Tue, 09/12/2017 - 15:13

No Human Driver Required: Volkswagen Showed Off an Autonomous Concept

Is it an ugly duckling or a smart concept vehicle for future? Volkswagen revealed its fully-autonomous concept at the latest Shanghai Motor Show claiming it to be the simplest vehicle ever. Dubbed the Sedric, it can deliver its passengers to the destination point after just touching the button, no more these bored human drivers!
Wed, 04/26/2017 - 13:56

Meet the Stunning 2018 Volkswagen Atlas Crossover

Truth to be told, Volkswagen needs a branded-new, affordable prize winner to be offered at the sales market after all the sadly remembered “Dieselgates”. And they gonna have to do their best in creating such a beastie, hard to miss and rugged. Now then, Volkswagen claims this three-row SUV to be the roomiest and biggest VW ever built in the USA. According to the statement, the mid-size crossover can seat seven passengers and will be definitely competitively priced - that's the stuff to give the troops!  
Fri, 10/28/2016 - 14:25

All-electric MEB Concept by VW is Set to Debut at Paris Motor Show

After the emission scandal caused a great stir, VW considered about electric vehicles with no diesel at all. And here it is! The hot official shots of VW’s first all-electric futuristic concept have been finally revealed by Volkswagen ahead of the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Based on MEB, for which read the Modular Electric Drive Kit, the vehicle will debut at the forthcoming motor show in Paris next month and is supposed to have a range around 373 miles  running this distance on a single charge.
Wed, 09/28/2016 - 10:34

Volkswagen Will Suggest A New Electric Concept In a Month

It would be as leading-edge vehicle as the Beetle model was several decades ago, Volkswagen announced. The one-off latter-day electric pioneer based on the principally lead-ahead MEB (it means modular electrification kit) is expected to be revealed at the upcoming Paris Motor Show next month. Meanwhile, Volkswagen tantalizes us with some teasing images of the newly-designed concept.
Mon, 09/19/2016 - 10:54

Volkswagen Is Goin’ to Kill Jetta Hybrid, Why?

Electric vehicles actually find ready market but if you feel like buying a brand-new Jetta Hybrid, you should better shift yourself. VW is going to drop Jetta Hybrid completely from the current lineup for 2017. According to the words of Mark Gillies, a spokesman for Volkswagen of America, the VoA’s company intends to discontinue the hybrid gas-electric model because of low gas prices rubbing off on bad sales of hybrids. So sad to know one of the best performance and driving-effective hybrids will be dropped out.
Sun, 06/26/2016 - 12:40

VW GTI Racers Attacking Tracks This Year

True fans of the International Touring Car Series will get a chance to witness a customer GTI racecar in the run this year. Volkswagen will take part in the event with the official Motorsport TCR racer; the runners are strictly limited in number. The carmaker will make only 20 units, and they are already spoken for.
Tue, 03/08/2016 - 20:03

Up a Notch: VW Improves Up!

VW rolled out several super-druper teasers for this Geneva, among them there are a compact crossover debuting in Switzerland along with an extremely updated Tiguan. Besides this, the German carmaker announced an enhanced Up! for the event. Pity, but the advanced model will not be launched for the USA.
Mon, 02/22/2016 - 20:34

Is This VW Driver Cheating Or?

Round and round - just look how this driver backs up his Volkswagen Trailer inrelatively high speed tracking all the roundabouts! Would you like to know how he did it? Look through the video!
Fri, 01/22/2016 - 12:07

All You Need to Start Driving is Saying “Hello Volkswagen” Now

2016 International Consumer Electronics Show keeps leaving its followers open-mouthed. After showcasing the FFZERO1 by Faraday Future, Volkswagen snatches the initiative away by releasing two long-awaited premieres, an all-electric Budd-e concept car along with the e-Golf Touch model. As the car maker claims, the model is equipped with a next-gen unique gesture-and-voice control system. So no need to touch the button in order to turn the trick; all you need is only to say “Hello Volkswagen” (just like “OK Google”).
Fri, 01/08/2016 - 12:25